Sardines Pitch Bible - Character Design, Illustration, Storytelling

Sardines is a Pitch Bible for a children's tv show, produced in collaboration with Katrina Calingo and Shaun Sun, 2017. 

Sardines is a game played every afternoon by Ava, her little brother Harry, and their best friends Lachie and Emily. The rules of the game are simple, one person hides and as each person finds them, they squish into the hiding place with them. But every time the cupboard door shuts, something magical happens and a different animal or set of animals join them for games and adventures. The guest characters always cause a lot of chaos and fun, and along the way they help the children learn how to deal with problems in their lives.

Software used includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Scroll down to see character designs, illustrations and concept art for this project.